I love my sisterlocks! I can't say it enough. I've worn relaxers, braids, twists, Afro puffs, and hair extensions. I have never been as pleased as I am with my sisterlocks. When my sisterlocks were short, people said my hair was cute. Now, that it's long they think my hair is fake. I laugh and tell them that it's real. Some can't stop staring.

Alicia M., Sisterlocked since April 2000

My husband had been trying to convince me to get Sister Locks ever since we got married. His mother had had them for several years of her life and praised their natural easy-to-manage looks, but still I was not ready. It wasn't until my beloved micro-braids had pulled my edges out once again and I was forced with my usual two options, did I come to my senses. Forking out another couple hundred dollars for the second time In a year to replace those same micros or a bi-weekly hot combing for what would be hot and humid days ahead. It was then that the light came on. I was ready to surrender to the natural beauty of my hair. With my Sister Locks I can curl, French roll, or get out of bed and get them into any style that fits the occasion. It's definitely the best decision I've ever made for my hair.

Ladie S.

I am writing to tell you how much I love my Sister Locks. My sister, Tressie, started me on my journey to Sister Locks almost two years ago. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me! My hair is absolutely beautiful! I have never in my life had so much natural body and bounce in my hair. NO MORE HAIR DRAMA! I am telling you, I don't miss the perms that damage, the wigs that wobble and weaves that look a mess. I have gained a self confidence about my own natural hair that I never thought possible! My hair goes from fun and loose, to curls and glam and either way I decide to wear it, compliments abound! If anyone out there is trying to decide if Sister Locks is the way to go; stop trying to decide, and go for it. I can guarantee you will not be sorry, the only thing you will be sorry about is that you waited too long to make the right decision!
I Love my hair, and I Love my Sister! Thanks Tress

Sister locks Believer!

Joni S.

We all wear our hair as a representation to the world of who we are. Sometimes we choose to be sophisticated, sometimes flirty, sometimes conservative, and other times radical. Our hair tells others about who we are, or better yet, how we feel about ourselves. Not everyone understood my decision to take the journey into the sisterlock life-style. Mainly because my hair generally over the years represented suitable expectations formed by others and society in general. But my decision to join this sisterhood, began with the desire to liberate myself from imposed expectations and to take my hair into one of the healthiest states it had ever been in. Not to be different, but to celebrate the wonderful difference of having natural, long and healthy hair. My hair is not coarse, nor kinky, so I am not the typical sisterlock client. But I knew this way of self-expression, was the perfect choice for me, offering me countless possibilities with hairstyles, all the while maintaining naturally growing hair. With the skill and patience of my Sisterlock stylist, Tressie Samuel, I have entered into an emotional, spiritual and life changing experience. Tressie reminds me to have patience, faith and vision, and as I celebrate my first year enjoying the compliments of those who initially questioned my choice, I truly savor this life-style with a beautiful, natural, head of hair.

Cheryl B.

Client photo testimonial from one of my clients

The following information is provided by a current client of mine. When she came in for her initial consultation and a few test locks. She revealed that she admitedly was still asking herself if she was really ready to commit to Sisterlocks? She still wondered how her hair would look and feel based upon her hair type (coarse).

After 2 additional months of consideration, she was finally here to start her journey. She finally started to believe that her natural hair had the potential to do many things with a little creativity and with the flexibility that Sisterlocks can enable.
Her hair had been highlighted and pressed in the preceeding photos and had about 1 1/2 inches of new growth.

Taking the Plunge into the world of Sisterlocks
Fast forward to the day she took the step that would have a most profound impact on her life. The initial process took two sessions over the course of two days.

Her First Week
Her Sisterlocks were one week old in these photos and is styled in a way that she felt comfortable wearing. The pictures were taken at her family reunion.

A quote from the client: I think they all believed I would look like Whoopi Goldberg or a rastafarian. I now have the opportunity to educate them on this wonderful world that's been opened up to me! This especially goes for my dear husband. I think it will take a while for all of this to sink in for him. I'm taking him on this journey with me so he can become aware and develop and informed opinion.
Further quotes from the client: Returning to work after the locks were installed, was a bit scary. I was nervous about the inquiries I would possibly receive. Surprisingly, everyone said it was cute. Many thought I had extensions. Some were intrigued by the tiny 'braid-like' locked roots, while others didn't even notice that my hair was locked. All in all, it was a good feeling.

I am becoming increasingly more confident about my hair. I was very self-consious about the oil thing in the very beginning. In fact, while in the chair (confession time) during my locking session, I was oil?...yeah right. I will lightly oil my hair - cause I can't do without it! - and she'll never know.(
she did not oil her hair at my instruction) In these first two weeks, I have realized what my hair can 'be' without adding a ton of products to make it 'shiny'. I found that, while my hair is a bit frizzy, I can STILL see SHINE!! bounces too! I never would have thought it!

At OneMonth
The following is exactly one month and 1 week into her fabulous Sisterlock journey at her FIRST Re-tightening session and to quote the client, she says: I can say with all unequivocal sincerity that I have loved every minute of it!! I must really be honest, I truly prepared myself for an 'adjustment' period with my locks, where I felt I would question my decision, or I would not truly feel comfortable in my hair. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I am sooo proud to say that NOT 1 day has gone by that I have second guessed my decision, or thought that my hair didn't look Good!
Further comments from the client:I experienced a true defining moment yesterday - My husband and I, along with our little one, were out and about town doing some shopping for the home in a local craft store. As I approached the check-out counter (my hubbie and son waited for me up front) the sales associate smiles and says 'Your Sisterlocks are beautiful!' Now, this may not seem like such a momentous thing in and of itself - mostly because Sisterlock wearers are on this end of such compliments quite often. So, I quickly replied, 'Oh, you're familiar with Sisterlocks? Why thank you!!!' She said, 'yes, my best friend, who lives in D.C., has been locked for 7 years. I seriously thought about getting locks, but I always find a reason to chicken out!' I said, 'I know what you mean, I went through the same thing until I finally asked myself, why are you afraid? What is there to lose?' She said, 'you're right, maybe I'll reconsider it again.' I said, 'you will not regret it, I promise!! ' This marked a special day for me. I felt like - Finally! Someone who didn't look at me as if to say (but never say), 'I wonder what she has in her hair?' Someone actually knew about this glorious locking system and complimented MY hair, at that!! A good feeling, indeed! I am so thrilled!

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