The Sisterlocks Package:

The SISTERLOCKS package consists of 3 visits that are scheduled over several weeks.

First Visit:    The Consultation

Prepare for your first session by washing your hair prior to your visit. During this first session you and your Consultant will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences and your lifestyle in order to determine if Sisterlocks is right for you. 

Second Visit:  The Locking Session

Bring a good book because the locking process can take several hours!  The average Sisterlocks' customer will leave this session with over 450 locks and a whole new attitude! The investment of time is well worth it however, because the finer the locks the more refined and stylable your hair will be.  Schedule your follow-up before you leave.  Good maintenance is the key to gorgeous Sisterlocks over time.

Third Visit:    Follow-up

You will need to schedule your follow-up visit within about a month from the time you first get your locks put in, and after you've had time to shampoo them a couple of times. Your consultant will monitor the integrity of your locks and tighten them. You begin discussing styling tips for the "total look" that's right for you!

Ongoing Follow-up Visits

For the first 6 months, we recommend that you schedule at least 1 "mini-consult" per month. In this way, the progress of your locks can be monitored. Over the months, your consultant will be able to determine how often you will need to come in for re-tightening as your hair grows out. Soon, you will be at home in your natural locks, and the frequency of your visits will probably decrease. Come home to SISTERLOCKS however, for your re-tightenings, and your periodic grooming needs.

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