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Tressie Samuel

  • Licensed Manicurist in the State of Georgia
  • "R" Certified (Qualified to Hold Re-Tightening Classes)
  • Certified in the Wrap-A-Loc styling technique (2007)
  • Service Area: Atlanta
  • Training Completed: April 12, 1999
  • Certification Date: July 2000

Business Phone:
770 318-2495
Home Phone: 770 787-4485
E-mail address:

To achieve the desired end result for anything in your life you must have:
"Patience, Faith, & Vision"


If you are on this website, it means you are considering going natural. Yea!!

Going natural was a scary experience for me until I found out about Sisterlocks.

This Natural Hair Care System was the only system I found that would give me the freedom I was looking for. But more than
that, the Styling Options are the BOMB! Braids, Twists, Bantu Knots, French Roll, Straw Sets, Hot Curl, Roller Set & Up-do's.
What more can you ask for. Once I got through the settling in stage of my locks, I've never had a "Bad Hair" day! I absolutely
love my hair, and never thought I'd be able to say that. Join the Sisterlocks Revolution and learn to love your hair."

Tressie D.

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